Nomad is a container (not only container) orchestration tool.


Get Started

Manage jobs tutorial

The best doc about job declaration is documentation for default job generated with “nomad job init”


Job specification

Docker driver

Trefik with nomad / consul

Noman with traefik

Consul with traefik

“Using Traefik on Nomad” blog post

Nomad vagrant cluster to run nomad cluster locally

From zero to wow post

Damon - cli client for nomad

CLI commands

nomad alloc logs 1c67d531 doge

nomad logs -stderr -f -tail -job fabio

nomad alloc status 99b86719

nomad job status -namespace=daleandchip daleandchip-dogecoin-regtest-node1

nomad alloc status -namespace=daleandchip 86f7bbec

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