My projects



  • Mana - Ethereum implementation in Elixir

  • Blockscout - Ethereum explorer

  • ExRLP - Elixir implementation of Ethereum’s RLP (Recursive Length Prefix) encoding

  • ExABI - The Application Binary Interface (ABI) of Solidity for Elixir

  • Cryptopunk - Hierarchical deterministic wallet for Elixir.

  • ExSecp256k1 - Libsecp256k1 NIF

  • Ethereumex - Elixir JSON-RPC client for the Ethereum blockchain

  • ExPBKDF2 - Rust NIf for Password-Based Key Derivation Function v2 (PBKDF2)

  • BN - BN128 elliptic curve operations for Elixir.

  • Hornet - Simple library for stress testing

  • CLOPE - Elixir implementation of CLOPE

    A Fast and Effective Clustering Algorithm for Transactional Data

  • ROCK - Elixir implementation of ROCK

    A Robust Clustering Algorithm for Categorical Attributes

  • EthBloom - Ethereum’s bloom filter implementation in elixir, integrated in Mana

  • UploadcareEx - Simple Elixir wrapper for Uploadcare API

  • BalalaikaBear - VK API wrapper for Elixir

  • ExRiakCS - Riak CS API wrapper for Elixir

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