El Monitorro

El Monitorro is a telegram bot for reading RSS, Atom and JSON feeds. It’s written in Rust.

It has a landing site generated from its Readme and Changelog

Key features:

  • High performance.

    All processing is done with Fang

  • Filters - users can provide key words he wants to subscribe to

  • Templates - users can set a format of messages

    Currently, it’s implemented using handlebars. And UX can be improved

A couple of channels created with this bot:

The libraries I wrote for this project:

Potential features / improvements

  • Limit the number of superfast feeds

  • Instead of syncing every feed periodically sync the earliest feeds.

  • Use handlebars directly for templates

    UX for templates can be improved

  • Allow users to set their bot token

    Bot hits telegram rate limit. https://t.me/el_monitorro_news/3

  • Add cli

Finished tasks

  • Do not upsert feeds items on every sync (compare the last fetched item and item in the db)

    [2021-09-05 Sun]


  • Exponential backoff for failed feeds

    [2021-09-11 Sat]


  • Decrease docker image size by using builder

    [2021-09-12 Sun]


  • Update readme and release a new version of the bot on dockerhub (version 0.2)

  • Update env variables (version 0.2)

  • Add good looking landing site


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